Transforming Lives in Different Degrees

Image 180 is a step-above fitness boutique located in downtown Columbus, Ohio where we offer a variety of innovative co-ed fitness classes for in-depth training. Image 180 is always developing goals to advance our fitness program for Top-Notch RESULTS and we achieve this by combining mental and physical transformational coaching as our focal game plan.

About Us

At Image 180, we train everyone to push past their boundaries, regardless of age or fitness level, through hard work, fun, and support of others within our community. We will help you reach and attain your goals because your why becomes our why.



image 180 pricing

A 12-month agreement, unlimited classes, 6 days a week. Includes 10-20% off apparel, events, training, and challenges with blog access. Due to the COVID-19 we are offering a discount on our most exclusive package. Take advantage of it now.

Platinum Membership $120

1-Year Membership (Monthly auto-pay)

A 12-month agreement, unlimited classes, 6 days a week. Includes 10-20% off apparel, events, training, and challenges with blog access.

Gold Membership $1,150 (One-time pay)

1-Year Membership (Paid in full)

A 12-month agreement, unlimited classes, 6 days a week. Includes 15% off apparel, events, and training with blog access.

Silver Membership $139

6-Month Membership (Monthly auto-pay)

A 6-month agreement, unlimited classes, 6 days a week. Includes 10% off apparel, events, training, and challenges with blog access.

180 Monthly Unlimited $149

Month-to-Month Classes (No contract)

Month-to-Month from date of purchase, unlimited classes, 6 days a week.

Class Packs $160

12 Classes

Good for 90 days from the date of purchase. Excluding special classes or events. A savings of $130.

Drop-In $25

One Single Class



Grab a mat and some weights and let’s get these abs and arms transformed. If you are looking to get your abs tight and your arms right you need to be in this class.


This workout is all about lower bodywork. If you are trying to get your legs and booty tight you need to sign up for this killer transformational dope all about the booty 30-minute class.


Hardcore and designed to take your body to new levels. Our boot camp workout is a mixture of circuit drills, pyramid drills, and anaerobic intervals of endurance, calisthenics, plyometrics, and integrated training.


Our Glow-In-The-Dark Fitness class and it is about the fun on a Friday night. Don’t forget to wear your glow gear. Accessories will be sold at the front desk. You will need to reserve your spot. The class size will be announced…stay tuned!


Level up cardio is a steady-state workout that involves a high work degree of intensity with continuously mixed HITT aerobics with little to no recovery of interval training.
(Intermediate & Advanced)


A low impact of 45 minutes blended cardio and circuit training class that targets upper and lower extremities burns fat and contour the body.
(Beginner & Intermediate)


A quick 30-minute workout that will set the tone for the rest of your week. Involves stepping, rounds, volume, and core movements. If you are willing to put in the WORK, then let’s go!!
(Intermediate & Advanced)


If you are considering Image 180 Fitness join us for an info session every Saturday. Doors open at 12:00 pm and the session begins at 12:15 pm. Be on time. It will be the perfect opportunity to hear about the program, pricing, and classes.

We encourage you to attend. See you there.


A discounted group weight training workout that involves strength, endurance, power, and core focus. We only take 11 people @ 11:00 am on a first-come basis. To reserve your spot you must RVSP in advance. The class will only take place for 5 or more people so grab a teammate and let’s get it.

Members $20
Non-members $25

(All Levels Full Body Weight Training)


456 East Cherry Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215